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Pet-Loss and Grief Counseling Services


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  • Do you have chronic health issues and physical limitations that keep you from enjoying life to it’s fullest?
  • Do you have feelings of low mood or mood swings and have difficulty feeling motivated?
  • Are you experiencing grief and loss related to the death of a loved one and need counseling in the St. Louis, MO area?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed at work or with daily obligations with little time to enjoy life?
  • Do you need help dealing with the loss of a beloved pet?
  • Are you an animal caregiver who is struggling due to the endless hours spent taking care of a pet’s chronic needs?

I can help you increase your happiness while learning coping strategies to improve your quality of life and get you on your own path to wellness!

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Path to Wellness

Who Am I?
Allison White, ACSWLCSW, CCDP-D, 

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Professional-Diplomate
  • Certified Pet Therapy Dog
  • Specialization in Pet Loss/Bereavement and Compassion Fatigue among Health Care Providers

I’m a licensed clinical social worker and certified co-occurring therapist who has worked in the field of mental health and substance abuse for over 23 years. I’ve helped clients who have chronic health issues understand how their physical illness impacts their emotional health so they can enjoy life again while using a whole-person approach.

I have a passion for working with animals as part of the counseling process. I have certified therapy dogs and I understand the strong connection we have with our pets. I help pet owners and caregivers cope with the emotional challenges of pet ownership. Our pets are an important part of our lives and losing them can be like losing a family member. I can help you deal with the loss of a pet and work through the grief so you can celebrate your pet’s life in a way that will honor the relationship you had together. I also help animal caregivers with chronic stress experienced from dealing with very challenging situations.

Photography by Amber Sky.

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I can help you overcome the following struggles:

  • Chronic health issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Chronic Stress
  • Lack of motivation
  • Negative thought patterns
It’s easy to get started with counseling. Call 314-899-7140 or send me an email.


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