408, 2015

The Value of Puppy Temperament Testing

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Here is a video done after temperament testing a litter of 7 week old Golden Retriever puppies. The cicadas provided a very loud symphony in the background.


2607, 2015

Wellness Video: Mindfulness

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2507, 2015

Reevaluating Our Pet’s Goals

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Have you ever wanted a goal so badly that you’re driven out of  your comfort zone to achieve it? Have you almost reached that goal only to have the bottom drop out, forcing you to rapidly change course? It is hard to stop midstream to reevaluate and change your path, especially if you have a lot of emotion and time invested in achieving whatever needed to reach your goal.

I’ve raised puppies with a specific goal […]

807, 2015

Lessons Our Pets Teach Us

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This week I faced the fear that many pet lovers experience…the realization that my beloved pet was getting older. I found myself watching every move to “catch” any indication of declining health. My 14-year old dog suddenly became ill and it wasn’t resolving quickly. He had moments of energy followed by sluggishness when I wondered whether a trip to the veterinarian was needed. In the past, many hours have been spent in emergency rooms only […]

303, 2015

Willpower, Motivation and the Power to Change

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This is the time of year when people ease away from their New Year’s resolutions. The gyms are less crowded. Spring seems far away and we hibernate. Interaction with friends and family often involves food, which offers immediate gratification until you step on the scale the next morning. Understanding the complexities of motivation and choice may help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions.
Have you ever mindlessly reached for a cookie or […]

1812, 2014

Celebration of Life

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Are you having trouble regaining interest in everyday life after losing a pet?

Is taking care of pets who have chronic issues taking a toll on your own well-being?

Are you taking better care of your pets and neglecting your own self-care?

Has not reaching a goal in dog-related activities (earning a title, certification), having to “retire” a pet early or facing rejection in the dog show ring impacted other areas of your […]

2710, 2014

Access Your Inner Child and Have Fun!

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Access Your Inner Child and Have Fun!

Life’s simplest moments are experienced watching kids play. When young, we played outside until bedtime, with few cares in the world except responding to our parents’ calls.  Wonders of youth were lost between childhood and the responsibilities of adulthood. Exercise helped shed pounds accumulated during college, raising families, and our careers.  Health was equated with boring food, endless hours at the gym, and drinking water until we drowned.  I miss […]

1909, 2014

Live For The Moment

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Hi!  Writing this blog is a whole new experience for me, but one I’m looking forward to sharing with you!  I believe in the importance of living for the moment, practicing mindfulness, expressing gratitude and compassion. I value all aspects of my life including my friendships, family, pets and career. My hobbies include music, writing, spending time in nature, traveling and just hanging out…… I hope to share some thoughts that you can relate to.  If […]