Informed Consent

Who is Wellness Alley, LLC:

Hello, I’m Allison White, ACSW, LCSW, CCDP-D (Wellness Alley, LLC) and I provide therapy that will help you achieve your life goals as well as help you remove whatever obstacles stand in the way of achieving them. Together, we will develop goals and identify the areas that are creating an imbalance in your life. I use Motivational Interviewing and a strengths-based perspective while also bringing in alternative methods of stress-reduction techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing. I am also certified in co-occurring disorders and can assist with issues of addiction.

If you are suffering issues around the loss of a pet and it’s more than you can handle on your own, I offer pet loss counseling sessions to help you deal with the loss or to assist when having to make difficult decisions regarding your pet. Both individual and group sessions are available.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I abide by the NASW Code of Ethihcs. I follow confidentiality rules and regulations and will not disclose information about your goals, obstacles, or any other personal information without your written permission except if court ordered to do so. The other exclusion to this is if there is a risk to self or others or when there is indication of abuse or neglect, which I’m mandated by law to report.


I follow the NASW Code of Ethics and will maintain professional boundaries at all times during and after our time working together.


As your therapist, I will help you explore areas that are preventing you from achieving your goals but it’s your responsibility to follow our agreed-upon plan or discuss other changes you’d like to make. I will offer suggestions and share insights I observe but it’s your ultimate responsibility to follow through or not. If you want to change plans or strategies, please let me know and we can reformulate your plan of action. You, as the client, determine the agenda, goals and timeline and I will be your guide.

Client Responsibility:

You, the client, assume responsibility for your own results and outcomes. You agree to save and hold harmless your therapist from any liability that may arise as a result of any negligent performance or any perceived act of omission or negligence on the part of the therapist in accordance with this agreement. A therapist agrees to serve as guide, advisor, and consultant in the area (s) you identify, however you are solely accountable for producing any and all results.

You, the client agrees to keep agreements, to regard our therapy appointment time frames with respect and to keep therapist informed as to what you need in order to keep achieving your goals. I take the role of your therapist very seriously and will remain committed to your success. I’m also requesting a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule our appointment in order for you to not be billed for the session.