I am a licensed clinical social worker who has worked in the health care field for over 22 years. My passion is studying the human-animal bond and the important role our pets play in our lives.

Allison and Charity

I have been involved in local dog clubs for over 25 years and competed in agility, obedience, conformation, herding and hunt tests with my dogs. I trained two dogs as TOUCH therapy dogs, one of which was certified in animal-assisted crisis response. I experienced the power of the human-animal bond and grief after losing a pet and ending a performance “career” after my dog’s injury. Enduring the prolonged rehabilitation process was a challenging and emotional experience leading to some closed doors while opening
up others.

shutterstock_159813794I have volunteered with my therapy dogs and have seen the radical changes pets make in people’s recovery and lives. Sharing my therapy dogs with others has been an important part of my career as a social worker.

  • Are you having trouble regaining interest in everyday life after losing a pet?
  • Is taking care of pets who have chronic issues taking a toll on your own well-being?
  • Are you taking better care of your pets and neglecting your own self-care?
  • Has not reaching a goal in dog-related activities (earning a title, certification), having to “retire” a pet early, or facing rejection in the dog show ring impacted other areas of your life?

Our pets are an important part of our lives and losing them can be like losing a member of the family.

Portrait of a beautiful young woman and a dun horseThey provide unconditional love, greet us with a wagging tail, and enjoy just being with us. Unfortunately, they leave us way too soon and the loss of a pet can be very difficult and the hole it leaves affects us in different ways. Besides having to handle the grief, we may also second guess the decisions we were suddenly forced to make. Unless you’re talking with another pet owner, other people may not understand how grieving their loss can lead to increased sadness and anxiety that may interfere with your ability to enjoy life. I have been a pet owner most of my life and as a trained therapist, I can help you work through the grief so you can celebrate your pet’s life in a way that will honor the relationship you had together.

Services Available:

shutterstock_97043852INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS

Available for those experiencing the loss of a beloved pet and any challenges experienced in your life or work with animals. Individual sessions for pet owners who are dealing with emotional issues. Group sessions as requested.


Individual or group sessions are available upon request as well as presentations on compassion fatigue for veterinary professionals.


Breeders and dog lovers may experience many types of loss, which is not only loss of life of a beloved pet but also the loss of a dream (canine athlete is unable to compete). Presentations on the human-animal bond and compassion fatigue.


Are you unmotivated or feeling stuck? Do you have chronic health issues or want to lose weight? Are you stressed out on the job? Do you want to be happier and get the most out of life? As a licensed clinical social worker, I can help you regain power and control over your life. You’ll soon be on the path to wellness!

Allison White, ACSWLCSW, CCDP-D, CHC

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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The human-animal bond increases our well-being and helps us cope during challenging life transitions.



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