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A Letter from PJ to Mom

Dear Mom, I watched as you tried to choose the right puppy out of the litter. I kept trying to get your attention. Choose me! As you held me, I gave you tons of puppy kisses then you put me down. I could not hardly stand it when you picked up my brother. He wasn’t […]

Treating the Whole Person

“She’s just anxious, Allison,” said my mother’s physician. I had called in desperation to report Mom’s intensifying symptoms: cold sweats, difficulty breathing, low-grade fever, no appetite. In return, I was dismissed.

The Art of Mindfulness

It’s becoming more challenging trying to live a balanced life when there are so many obligations and so little time to get them all done. We plan for the future, while ruminating about the past. It’s easy to allow things to spiral out of control as we get caught up in the business of everyday […]