A Letter from PJ to Mom

Dear Mom,

I watched as you tried to choose the right puppy out of the litter. I kept trying to get your attention. Choose me! As you held me, I gave you tons of puppy kisses then you put me down. I could not hardly stand it when you picked up my brother. He wasn’t right for you! I barked..me, me, me, then you put him down. I had a chance again! Your friend Pat saw what I was doing and told you “he is the one. Look at how he keeps trying to get your attention.” I knew you felt torn. My brothers had a better chance of being show dogs because of their appearance. Then someone said to you “do you really want to do conformation again?” You felt torn again between what your heart felt and the lifestyle you once enjoyed. I knew I was a perfect fit for you. You have a different life now with different needs. Time for the final decision! You chose me and my heart beat so fast I could hardly contain myself, so I peed! You looked so proud as you scooped me up and we had our picture taken together. 

When we got to my new home, I was introduced to my new Sheltie brothers. They didn’t readily welcome me.  Wow, Shelties are different than my Golden siblings. They were bossy and tried to put me in my place. 

I had so much fun in the yard trying to outrun them. I ticked them off with my antics. I love drinking out of the water fountain and getting wet in the sprinkler. My Sheltie brothers didn’t like my behavior and kept yelling at me. You took videos and pictures, so I knew you loved me. I made you laugh and that felt really good. I peed on the floor again, but you patiently taught me what to do.  I remember chewing the baseboards and you looked upset then gave me bones instead. You stayed home most of the time and then disappeared into your office to work. Something about a virus and having to work from home. I heard your voice in the other room, but couldn’t see you, so I barked to get your attention.  You took breaks to take me outside and played with me. I was so excited when I heard your footsteps coming into the room. I made mistakes and peed on the floor, but you didn’t get angry. You helped me learn what to do. I’m so glad my Sheltie brothers helped teach me too.  They warmed up to me and even slept by my kennel. I felt safe and protected. 

You took me to puppy class and had to wear a strange mask. All the other humans wore masks too and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to see their faces.  We had fun doing agility and obedience. There was this weird thing you used that made a sound then I got a treat. I kept doing what you wanted because I love food. I loved agility until I fell off the dog walk. I did everything very fast and sometimes it was unsafe.  I was worried because you fell on your back as you tried to keep me from falling.  I was ok then I ran over to lick your face and tried to make you smile. We never did agility again. I heard you say that you couldn’t risk having another dog hurt. You must have been really scared.

I love my doggy doctor. I don’t see him often but when I do I give him kisses and cover him with my hair. He doesn’t seem to mind. He laughs a lot and is so nice. He seems to really like me.  I heard you tell him you feel bad because you aren’t giving me the kind of life full of dog shows and traveling that you had given other dogs in your life. He said your lifestyle has changed and that’s ok because your dogs just care about being with you. You looked so relieved, and I felt happy again.  I don’t want to disappoint you. 

I try so hard to make you laugh. I see you working hard and you get so serious at times. That is when I try and do something funny like carrying two balls in my mouth or finding the largest stick in the yard to bring inside. Sometimes I have been bad and chewed the baseboards when I’m bored. I know I’m not a puppy and should know better, but I can’t help it. I want your attention all the time and can hardly contain myself when you pet my brothers.  I bat them out of the way with my big paws and they bark at me. It’s kind of a game now. They can be really obnoxious. 

There are two favorite times of my day. The first is when you wake up early and fix your coffee. I love to bite your slippers. That makes you laugh. Then I wrap my body around your feet so you can’t move.  Then you give me my breakfast. My other favorite time of day is when you stop working and sit in the big chair with your feet up. I know I’m heavy, but I can’t control my excitement. I jump onto the ottoman and into your lap. I love walking up the armrest and then curling up around the back of the chair like a cat.  You get covered with my hair but don’t seem to mind. It makes you laugh and you take pictures so I know you like it. I love when you hold me and pet my fur. It seems to calm you down. I don’t like seeing you stressed or when you’re sad. It makes my heart hurt. I can feel when you need me to be silly or just curl up in your lap.  I know you try and help other people feel better so I love making you feel better too.

I love when we take walks together. I pull at the end of the leash out of excitement because there are so many good smells. Sometimes I stop and return to look at you because I can tell when you are thinking too much.  I try and remind you to pay attention to me, to nature and the birds. You think a lot!! I want you to have fun and just enjoy seeing what I see. I see, smell, and hear everything around us like the grass, flowers, the sound of kids playing, the cars, people laughing, and playing basketball, the trees and birds singing. I want you to enjoy them too.

I know how much you love me and I enjoy being a part of your family. I will always be by your side with unconditional love.

I’m so happy you chose me!